LED Baseball

LED Baseball

Date: July 2013 Client: Independent Category: iPhone, iPad

Notable Achievements
• Won Rogers Digital Media Hackathon

Pitch, hit and run the bases with the only electronic baseball game for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Computer pitches curves or fastball’s! Swing away! Run the bases. Home Run!

Beat the computer or a friend! Hit a homer!

The speed and excitement of real baseball.
It’s you against a built-in thinking computer.
A challenge for fans of all ages.
A whole new kind of fun.

• 5-Innings of Baseball
• Computerized Scoring
• Computer controls pitching and plays defence
• You control hitting and base running
• Play Two-Players Against a Friend
• Full Electronic Sounds Included
• You swing away at a fast one, hit a curve, stretch a single, even hit a home run!

Plenty of excitement awaits you, so PLAY BALL!!

Download LED Baseball