As an App Developer, I focus my attention on all aspects of iOS & tvOS development with your final idea in mind. From the beginning phases to the end results, I deliver the highest quality products your customers will love.

iOS apps offer the best user-experience and user interface for games, productivity, media and socially driven applications. With so many Apple products being utilized today, I can get your app into the App Store by ensuring your mobile app gets through the approval process. As a top-rated iOS developer, I can help you get started today.


  • Objective-C and Swift Programming
  • Front-end Storyboarding
  • UI/UX Graphics and Design
  • Mobile Prototyping
  • Custom Web Services and APIs
  • Admob and Ad Networks
  • App Store Submission
  • Apple TV Apps
  • Game App Development
  • Enterprise & Business Productivity Apps
  • Field Service Apps
  • Apple Watch Apps
  • Entertainment and Music Apps
  • Subscription Based Apps, and much more

Lets talk “simple” quoting. Is the scope and complexity of the application ‘small’, ‘moderate’ or ‘complex?

Simple App$10,000+

An application that loads current stock prices from a predefined list might be considered 'small'.

  • A native application for an iOS Device
  • Needs to manage a login by email or social network (Twitter, Facebook, Google)
  • Needs to be able to store data that others can access
  • Needs to be able to process in-app purchases
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Medium App$25,000+

Something that takes a picture or captures sound and saves it on the phone might be considered 'moderate' if it allows you to post to Facebook.

  • Needs access to the GPS and Maps
  • Needs access to the Camera
  • Needs to be able to store data that others can access
  • Needs to be able to record audio, that can be stored with camera still images
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Complex App$40,000+

If you require a login to a remote system, interact with a remote database, or provide custom on screen interaction, it can get complex.

  • Secure database send and receive data
  • API layer to communicate with your data
  • Accept Payments
  • Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Cloud Hosted
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How We'll Work Together

Step 1: Meeting

Send over your project requirements and we'll discuss the details together. If you're in Toronto we can meet in person, or else on Skype or Google Hangouts.

Step 2: Design & Development

Your ideas and our imaginations take a shape here. I'll design the app first so you can see exactly what the final product will look like before development even starts.

Step 3: Testing

I hate bugs – those flying in office and popping-up in projects. I guarantee that the final product will be completely free of bugs. First I will do a full pass of the app, then you will until you are satisfied.

Step 4: Delivery

You give me a deadline, and I'll deliver your projects before that. Get your code and modules delivered, then celebrate your project launching and success.