Bumperrific  Bumperrific HD

Date: March 2011 Client: Independent Category: iPhone, iPad

Notable Achievements
• “What’s Hot” (iTunes)
• “New & Noteworthy” (iTunes)
• Rated 3 out of 4 from Slide To Play
• Top 5 Word Game in 25 Countries

Bumperrific is an entertaining game where you guess the meaning of vanity license plates. Try to figure out as many as possible before your time runs out. For example, 2LV4EVR would be “To Love Forever” and MTBRAIN would be “Empty Brain”.

With nearly 500 plates to solve, Bumperrific offers drivers, passengers, armchair travelers, and puzzle enthusiasts ample opportunities to sharpen their word skills while having fun at the same time. Bumperrific will provide hours of amusement and challenge your puzzle-solving skills.

*** Highlights ***

+ Innovative and challenging word puzzles
+ Over 500 plates to solve
+ Never see the same plate during the same game
+ Looks great on the iPad
+ Game Center Leaderboard & Achievements
+ Easily share your high scores on Facebook
+ Developed in my spare time (support indie games!)

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