Zoobert’s Big Day


Date: January 2010 Client: Independent Category: iPhone, iPad

Notable Achievements
• “What’s Hot” (iTunes)
• #7 Book App in United States
• Featured in the Wall Street Journal “From Gutenberg to Zoobert”

Written by Diana Moore and Illustrated by Jonathan Mahood.

Zoobert is a funny and friendly little monster who lives in a sock drawer.

By reading Zoobert’s Big Day and shake-shake-shaking, you help Zoobert make big decisions! Everything from how to get out of his sock drawer (rope, parachute or sneeze) to what he should eat for breakfast (hint: he likes pickles and toothpaste the best!). Zoobert loves making new friends…especially friends like you, who can shake-shake-shake to guide him through the day!

Features available in this book include professional narration, background audio and animations for each scene. To allow further interaction for young children, the iPhone becomes a shaker to flip the page to see what Zoobert does next. By combining a funny unpredictable story with creative illustrated artwork, this-book appeals to readers of all ages.

Additional Features:
– Its a different story every time you read it
– Professional audio narration
– Custom background audio for each scene
– Shake Shake Shake to make decisions for Zoobert
– Each page uniquely animated
– Browse the story forward and backwards
– Beautifully illustrated characters

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